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Vrbo and Savills surveyed homeowners to find out what’s most important when buying a second home

Travel trends

Vrbo and global real estate adviser Savills surveyed homeowners across the globe to identify trends in the second-home market, showcasing how buying and renting habits have changed significantly over the past decade.

Get to know lake cabin rental destinations in North America

Lake cabins

With so many options to choose from for lake cabin rental destinations in North America, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Vrbo is deepening our commitment to diversity and inclusion

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We have always believed travel is for everyone, and we are in the fight to make our industry a more diverse and inclusive space. Along with the rest of Expedia Group, Vrbo is dedicated to making the travel space open and welcoming across cultures and identities to individuals and families everywhere. That means we are taking actionable steps to accelerate impactful change in our workplaces, marketplaces, and communities.

Travel and vacation rental trends

From identifying emerging destinations like Hocking Hills, Ohio, to highlighting travel preferences, like "pools" being the most popular filter used by travelers booking a vacation home, Vrbo shares the latest trends in friends and family travel through surveys, reports, and research.

You could win a vacation to a dream destination with our travel sweepstakes

If you win one of our vacation sweepstakes, you can enjoy a wide variety of attractions suitable for the whole family. You can explore breathtaking beaches or stay in one of our stunning national parks. With so many high-end accommodation options available, it's easy to find a place to stay that can properly facilitate this unforgettable adventure.